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Guitar Lessons

 Available in person or on Skype!

If you want to book a guitar lesson with me for yourself or a friend then just drop me an email: Or whatsapp on: 07871 599914

Lessons can be on acoustic or electric guitar and can cover most styles of music.

Available for group sessions depending on location.

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Testimonies from former students

'You cannot hope to meet and be taught by a finer player than Tom. He truly loves"all things guitar". A lesson from Tom is a gift for life. Watch him play will WANT to be taught by him. He is a lovely, patient guy...although a totally gifted player..he only lacks arrogance.'


'Having guitar lessons with Tom has done more for my playing than anything ever could. He kept me inspired to play and I left each lesson without a doubt a better guitarist. I would certainly encourage anyone interested to give him a try.'

'An excellent and enthusiastic teacher, who encourages and pushes you to improve your skills. Lessons are tailored to what you want to do and the styles of playing you enjoy and he really makes it fun to learn.'


'I was a student with Tom for years and learnt a huge amount. I was able to pursue the styles that interested me and Tom was always enthusiastic in lessons. Best of all, I got to learn & play acoustic pieces like Tom's own gorgeous compositions. Highly recommended as a tutor!'

'Tom taught me bass guitar from complete beginner level. He took me step-by-step through how to navigate around the neck of the guitar, how to use both a plectrum and fingers to play which meant I could chose which I felt comfortable with, depending on playing styles. He got me playing along to songs in no time, meaning I could continue progressing between lessons.
Toms patient and relaxed teaching style made me feel extremely comfortable and I looked forward to every lesson I had. I would highly recommend Tom as a teacher; a very friendly, welcoming guy and an extremely talented guitarist.
Thanks for everything, Tom.'

'Lessons with Tom are always productive whilst being fun, not only learning the songs you want to but picking up lots of techniques and tips to make playing more natural and enjoyable. My playing improved no end even after a small number of lessons.'

'Learning from Tom made me into the confident guitarist I am today. The innovative ways in which Tom incorporates different styles of playing into his lessons are second to none and helped me progress to a new level of playing'

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