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‘...thoroughly calming chill-out music...’ - Oswestry Live magazine

Tom Stedman is an exciting emerging talent in the world of fingerstyle acoustic guitar, with a growing portfolio of captivating original material that is gaining momentum among fans of the genre.


Tom started learning guitar at a young age, and after more than a decade of playing and touring with rock and metal bands, he began teaching students in his home town. He developed an interest in fingerstyle playing around 2009, after being inspired by the amazing talent of guitarists like Andy McKee and Erik Mongrain, and decided to focus on solo performance so he could hone his skills.


Tom has become a local favourite among music lovers, and has begun building a following in London, Berlin and Madrid through his recent tours, as well as reaching a wider audience online with his YouTube channel.


After winning a regional acoustic competition in 2012, he recorded, produced and released his debut solo EP, Little Blue Dot, which was met with great enthusiasm in the local area, and received glowing reviews in the online community.


Since then, Tom has been touring his solo material in various venues in the UK and Europe, and working on his first solo album, Beyond the Bubble Tree, which he released in November 2016.


He has also begun doing session work, and is planning to continue expanding his following by booking further European gigs.



‘... smooth playing that doesn’t ever waver from the melody.’


- Amazing Acoustic Guitar Videos
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